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The home of The WORLDS BEST British Longhair cat for 2017-2018, and other Show winning British Longhair Cats and kittens. At Sayadaws British Longhair cats and kittens we sometimes have British Longhair cats and kittens requiring homes. Please check our face-book page for details. If you wish to follow how our cats are doing at their shows please again look at out face-book page for details.  Face-book It is easy to think that you can decide to want a British longhair Kitten and be able to get one almost at once.... The truth is most Reputable British Longhair Breeders have waiting lists, if people do not wait often they end up with a cross breed or worse a cat off the street that happens to look something like a British Longhair, remember a cross British Longhair is still a moggy and could be Carrying disease. We live in Cambridgeshire and are hobby show breeders of British Longhair Cats. We have been breeding and showing cats for a number of years now as the rosettes and trophy throughout the house will testify if you come to visit. This breed needs company! Despite cats been known as solitary animals, British Longhairs are quite different and form close bonds with their owners and other pets in the household. British longhairs are playful in a gentle way, getting along well with children, and becoming closely attached to their owners. If you want a cat that disappears for most of the day and comes for a cuddle now and then like a normal cat ... then DO NOT GET a British Longhair.

While this site is being built if you would like a British Longhair kitten or wish to talk about them you will

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